First post

Posted by Oleg Korol on 2017-02-04


Similarly to the classic “first commit”, this is my all time first blog post, which I will keep really short.

Blog’s scope

In this blog I will be posting (hopefully) interesting news and information related to Web Development with JavaScript. But not exclusively. I will also try to cover topics related to Linux, IoT, DevOps, Cybersecurity and other cool Tech stuff.
In other words, my aim is to keep track of and put together all the small projects and ideas I will be working on and learning.

About this Blog

This blog runs on Hexo - “A fast, simple & powerful blog framework”, as the project describes itself.
It enables anyone to create static websites in a breeze, without any backend and complex Databases.

But there’s more. Putting Hexo and GitHub Pages to work together, you can also easily deploy and host your static website in just a couple command lines.

If your code is hosted on a public GitHub repository it even doesn’t cost you a penny. Thanks, GitHub!

What’s coming next

In my next post I will explain how to create such a blog, then host in using GitHub Pages and point your own domain to it and configuring a cool CDN, Cloudflare, which has some perks.

So see you back soon. Stay tuned!